In-Flight Entertainment
Sold out but now online

My travels between London and the United States have given me opportunities to capture some incredible phenomena in the night sky. While most passengers are sleeping, I have seen dramatic weather, stars, meteorites and even the Northern Lights out the window.

So may I present "In-Flight Entertainment" - an A4-sized 40-page hardback book containing a collection of photographs I have taken at 38,000 feet.

All proceeds from the sale of this book went to support a charity I care passionately about that supports initiatives to help young people in education and as they prepare themselves for work - Big Change. See my STRIVE Challenge blog if you want to understand why Big Change became so special to me. Many of these images are now on sale as prints at - all proceeds to Big Change. Click/tap to see all the images

The book is now sold out. Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy - I hope you enjoy it. For everyone else, here it is online. Click on each image to advance through the set, or go to to purchase prints - all proceeds to Big Change. Thank you!

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