Paul Williams

I'm passionate about technology, space, photography and music, and, as well as having immersed myself in a tech career, I care deeply that the next generation feels inspired to pursue those things. This has led me to get involved with a number of projects, challenges and fund-raising initiatives.

Image from Bloomberg

The Bloomberg Terminal - I am a programmer, technical manager and part of the engineering leadership team at Bloomberg in London, where we have 800 software developers. The main thing my own team makes is the multi-screen real-time desktop browser known as the Bloomberg Terminal. Here's my bio and an interview about my 20 years so far at Bloomberg.

I have just completed the 2018 STRIVE Challenge, an endurance adventure in the French Alps, cycling 285 miles and climbing 42,000 feet in total up some of the mountain stages of the Tour de France, helping collectively to raise £1 million for the educational initiatives supported by the Big Change charity - see my blog and, if interested, my fundraising page. Previously I was part of the 2016 STRIVE - blog here, and also a blog written by Richard Branson about the 2016 challenge from his perspective.

In-Flight Entertainment - an A4-sized 40-page hardback book containing a collection of photographs I have taken at 38,000 feet. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to support Big Change, the same charity I am supporting with the STRIVE Challenge, supporting initiatives to help young people in education and to support teachers.

Timelapses of aurora seen in-flight.

Photos too.

Blog by Virgin Atlantic.

Feature by ITV News.

Another by Huffington Post.

One photo shortlisted for the Royal Observatory Astronomy Photographer of the Year, 2014 (10th picture on the page).

The Ride London 100, raising money for The Children's Trust. I'm doing this again in July 2018.

What it was like to run the London Marathon in 2015, which I did to achieve a personal goal and to raise money for The Prince's Trust.

Photos of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, taken from Teton Valley, Idaho, US, in the company of the community of Virgin Galactic Future Astronauts.

I support the educational outreach initiatives of Galactic Unite, inspiring kids to study STEM subjects and demonstrating that the future holds amazing possibilities for them to participate in the next generation of space travel.

A couple of articles here and here about my involvement with Habitat for Humanity, helping families in underprivileged communities find a safe and secure place to live.

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